My #PrettyLittleLiars Projections 3 hours before the big reveAl #FaceToFAce

So today is the day that we have been waiting for, for 6 years we finally find out who A is, Redcoat and the Black Widow.

So The PLL race to break the internet before the show has even aired is by all means a success, with over 1,000,000 tweets with the #FaceToFace Hashtag and every 100,000 there are new clues.. so

So far

Clue One: You Will Recognize A when A is Revealed

Clue Two: A is under the age of 50

Clue Three: The PLL’s have seen A unmasked before

Clue Four:  A has not been in every episode

Clue Five: A is not a parent

Clue Six: A has many disguises

Clue Seven: To all the people who think it’s Aria A is not one of the four Liars.

Clue Eight: A has lived in Rosewood.

So I am going to go with what I have thought all the time

The Carissimi Group What is that about Carissimi is an Italian



  1. masculine plural of carissimo = dearest, fondest

For which Mrs. D set up for Charles when she created a new identity for him. To funnel the money.

Charles is Wren

Melissa is The Black Widow and RedCoat and She’s been all sorts of things but CeCe has been a redcoat too…  but I’ve always had my money on Melissa being up to no good.

Marlene King says that A steals the A game from Mona and there are only a few people who could have done that.

And I would put some money on it if I could.

We shall see! happy PLL days!

Pretty little liars Season three poster
Pretty little liars Season three poster



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