Exciting Times Are Ahead

cropped-commodore64.jpgSo, the exciting news is that GeekGirlsNews.com is up! YAY, it’s almost naked but will also be undergoing a MASSIVE Facelift in the next four days. Then it will be super awesome. We will promote Geek projects, and celebrate women in film! AND have Reviews, Rants, News, etc.

When I started https://www.GeekGirlsRising.com two years ago, I had no idea how hard it would be to have a work/life balance, and I don’t even make money from the site!

SO that said, WE ARE STILL putting it out there that we are looking for people who want to contribute to the community. I would like to make this, one day, a paying gig as I do not think it’s fair to ask people to write for free for someone else. To do that I need a village of multi-media Writers, Podcasters, Vloggers whatever!

I have met so many talented writers whose contributions were their opinion, and some of it was so amazing it seriously took my breath away. We value diversity and differing interests. I think that is what makes us Geeks! It’s not all cosplay and comic books.

So I am extraordinarily happy and proud to be launching this reboot, but we cannot do it without you. So send us a message! Do you want to be part of the weekly podcast? We don’t even need to live in the same country nudge Wren Do you twitch? Do you want to write about just one topic? SEND a message.

Either way, thank you for the fantastic response we have received from the entire Geek community. Come build a village with us!



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