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Category: Ranting and Raving

#WomenKickAss 5

My love hate letter to Joss Whedon

  Do attacks on his personal life, rumors, accounts, and the anger of a woman reviled, detract from what he has done professionally? Fairly Joss douche or not created Buffy, and changed television and inspired a generation of young women like me to say I can be a hero! As Buffy’s stated, “Ooooh I am quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots.”

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The Academy Must Make Changes Starting Today #OscarNoms

Around the time that Napster was deep in litigation with every music label and Metallica I wrote a paper about the problems that plagued the music industry. I wrote that whomever figures out how to conquer Mp3’s will undoubtedly change the landscape of the music industry, forever. Not long too long after that, came the iPod and iTunes and a […]

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Arrow Episode Nine – Who's In The box?

WOW tonight’s episode of Arrow was crazy and crazy misleading! “After tonight’s “Arrow” winter finale really tried to paint the picture of Felicity Smoak being dead in a brutal Christmastime shooting, the promo for the January 20 return of the show almost enters full-on trolling mode. The CW is somewhat infamous at this point for releasing misleading trailers for this […]