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Racist idiots encouraging Star Wars Boycott 

Idiots  from OCTOBER 19, 2015 2:15pm PT by Graeme McMillan “Boycott Star Wars VII” Movement Launched; Movie Called “Anti-White” The new movie is “promoting white genocide” say those behind the Twitter hashtag.  The new movie is “promoting white genocide” say those behind the Twitter hashtag. The Force is with the Internet as it (im)patiently awaits the release of the […]

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Last night I watched the movie Black Mass, and it was alright. I don’t think Oscar worthy. I’m hoping to see Steve Jobs and the Martian this week. After watching movies, I start to get disappointed. Just as in the wake of Napster the Ipod and Iphone and Itunes model of distribution came about, times are changing for movies. There […]

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Supernatural In Review- Form And Void

As I was saying to Barb the other day, they might as well rename everything past Season Five ‘How Much Can We Beat Up Sam Today?’. This week, the pretty of Misha Collins notwithstanding, Cas actually trumped Sam on the beat-up scale. But hey. I’m being mean. I actually loved the episode. The first thing I noticed- and this was […]

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Supernatural In Review- Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

Quite honestly I have no idea where this season’s heading. And at this stage in the show, that’s by no means a bad thing. Allow me to introduce myself: Wren Collins, shit-stirrer and Vivisecting Supernatural creator. Geek Girl Rising has kindly invited me to come review for her, so I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for the forseeable future. For […]

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The Best Week since May Wow! Things are always so awesome this type of the year! What am I talking about? Halloween? Dia De Muertos? Well yes those things are great for people who love scary flicks and dressing up. HOWEVER! For me the best time of the year is always the start of the Fall Television Season! It technically […]